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Do you need a conference keynote for fifteen hundred in Seoul, Korea or an engaging, humorous after dinner talk for senior executives. How about a half day, interactive creativity workshop?


Chic Thompson has delivered by giving over 3500 talks on creative leadership and strategic curiosity in the last twenty five years.


What Clients have said:

  • “Chic has a knack for getting people to see ideas that have been staring them in the face.”

    Dr. Robert Rotella
    Sports Psychologist
    Golf isn’t a Game of Perfect

  • “Chic has crafted a creative process to move almost anthing from what is to what could be.”

    Rick Goings
    Chairman and CEO

  • “What a phenomenal presentation! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard while learning so much!”

    Mary Ellen Joyce
    Director Executive
    Brookings Institution

  • “Mr. Chic Thompson is a creative genius.”

    Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu
    Inventor of floppy disk and CD

  • “They loved you. That’s all anyone is talking about today. It was a combination of warmth, sincerity and interesting and practical

    Julie Baiter
    VP Technology Planning
    McGraw-Hill CIO Conference

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Harvard Business School
Case Study on Chic Thompson’s Career

Chic Thompson’s speaking engagements for the week of February 9, 2001 took him from Amsterdam, to Manchester, London, and Edinburgh. He was both exhilarated and exhausted as he raced to board a plane for the last leg of his trip. Much as he enjoyed it, the current pace was unsustainable.


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Virtual 3-Day

On a Wednesday night a major client called and said they needed 10 – 15 big ideas for their re-branding efforts and they needed them on Monday morning… (long pause) …and their budget was limited.

A virtual weekend brainstorm was the only option. So I called my two favorite brainstormers, one in Atlanta and the other in Philadelphia, and we spent a total of thirty hours producing the ideas.

On Monday morning the client was amazed and we were still “high” on the fast track assignment. “Wow… we created those ideas and we were still in our jeans and with our families. No airplanes, no hotels!”



Creative Secrets for Big Ideas

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