Monthly Archives: April 2012

Think Outside Box- video

cartoon of chick hatching out of an egg

A quick animated video showing our innate passion to think outside of the box.

Keep Brain Alive- video

video of how to keep your brain alive

Creative ways to jump-start your brain so you can generate ideas whenever you need them.

Keynote Address- Chic Thompson

picture of Chic Thompson delivering a keynote address

Here’s a five-minute excerpt from a keynote address given by Chic Thompson.

Key to Innovation

A cartoon showing that eliminating the unnecessary is key to innovation.

Abandoning the unnecessary is a key to innovation because it gives you time to think.

Lifetime Creativity Curve

chart showing how our creativity declines as we get older

This creativity curve by Chic Thompson shows how creativity, questioning and laughter declines as we age.

Top 40 Killer Phrases- poster

poster showing the phrases that stifle creativity

Here are the top 40 killer phrases that will stop creativity and new ideas in their tracks.

Empower Phrase Poster

poster of empowering phrases that encourage creative collaboration

Recognize and encourage empowering responses to new ideas.

Killer Phrase Poster

poster showing the phrases that stifle creativity

Recognize and diffuse the knee-jerk killer phrases that stifle new ideas.

Edison of Japan- Yoshiro Nakamats

An Interview with Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats Dr. Yoshiro NakaMats holds the record for inventions, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, with over 3,200 to his credit—three times that of his closest rival, Thomas Edison. Dr. NakaMats’s inventions include the floppy disk, the CD, the DVD, the digital watch, Cinemascope, and the taxicab meter…. Read more »

Virtual Brainstorming

On a Wednesday night a major client called and said they needed 10 – 15 big ideas for their re-branding efforts and they needed them on Monday morning… (long pause) …and their budget was limited. A virtual weekend brainstorm was the only option. So I called my two favorite brainstormers, one in Atlanta and the… Read more »