Virtual Brainstorming

On a Wednesday night a major client called and said they needed 10 – 15 big ideas for their re-branding efforts and they needed them on Monday morning… (long pause) …and their budget was limited.

A virtual weekend brainstorm was the only option. So I called my two favorite brainstormers, one in Atlanta and the other in Philadelphia, and we spent a total of thirty hours producing the ideas.

On Monday morning the client was amazed and we were still “high” on the fast track assignment. “Wow… we created those ideas and we were still in our jeans and with our families. No airplanes, no hotels!”

The next week another client asked for a webcast brainstorm so I pulled four colleagues from around the country and the client got eight billable hours of ideation.

Again the client was impressed and we were jazzed at the flow of ideas. Besides getting great ideas, our new virtual clients were getting a great rate with no travel costs.

In these days of just-in-time needs with reduced budget resources, I believe that virtual brainstorming is becoming a viable solution. It’s definitely a better solution than the impromptu brainstorm at a conference center with jet-ragged, Blackberry interrupted, over caffeinated participants.

So please call us with the impossible challenges that keep you awake at night. Let us surprise you with solutions that will make you say… “What a great idea!”

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