Creative Leadership:

Fostering a Mindset of Innovation

Keynote Address  (60-90 minutes)

Workshop  (2-3 hours)

A creative leader is part alchemist, part diplomat. They are always looking for imaginative ways to influence people to achieve their vision and harness their organization’s creative energy. At the heart of innovation is the introduction of something new that adds value. These new ideas might help us see a vision for the future, simplicity for a complex task, consensus to end a conflict, or new revenue in times of budget cuts.

Chic Thompson will take you on an interactive journey through the steps of creative leadership that will foster a mindset of innovation and strategic curiosity.

1. Be curious first… critical second 
When you see or hear a new idea, be “curious first” to explore the possibilities. Be “critical second” to calculate the probabilities.

2. Find the creative constraints
It takes constraints to unlock the energy to see the impossible.

3. Look for second “right” answers
Reframe your challenges and see them from different perspectives to generate fresh new solutions.

4. Think in opposites
Act on opposite/paradoxical trends and turn obstacles into an opportunity.

5. The Question is the Answer
Ask great questions to reveal new ideas.

  • What do I have to be more open-minded about?
  • What are my blind spots?
  • What if I trusted my customer 100%, what could I offer them?

6. Keep your brain alive
Keep your brain mentally sharp so you can come up with creative ideas anytime, anywhere, any place.