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Lifetime Creativity Curve

chart showing how our creativity declines as we get older

This creativity curve by Chic Thompson shows how creativity, questioning and laughter declines as we age.

Top 40 Killer Phrases- poster

poster showing the phrases that stifle creativity

Here are the top 40 killer phrases that will stop creativity and new ideas in their tracks.

DIY Brainstorming

How to Generate Ideas Anytime, Anyplace Think back to the last time you were stuck and needed to brainstorm. We’re you sitting in a conference room with your colleagues eager to engage? Probably not… you were staring at your computer alone with your arms crossed and teeth clenched. Here are the strategies to help you… Read more »

What Questions Did You Ask Today

I’d like you to think back to when you were 5 years old. When we asked on average 65 questions per day, most of them starting with “why.” The average 8 year-year-old asks 41 questions per day and by the time we are 44 years old we only asks six questions per day; most of… Read more »